Financial and Accounting Management Software

360°plus financial advisory services, manage your business cash flow 100% digitally.

Financial & Accounting Cube

FACube features a full-fledged financial accounting software module that can give you full picture of the financial health of your freight forwarding business. We can be managed and controlled easily with timely reporting to our clients. Our experts will take care from end to end process with proper approval systems.

We can easily manage receivables, track cash-flow / revenue flows, and outstanding with a real-time interface with operations. We creating and managing invoices, quotations, actual expenses, billing, and complete tax management including local taxes and withholding tax can be automated throughout the entire process.


Logistics Accounting Software Features

  • Accurate accounting of revenue and expenses
  • Track pending dues and inbound payments from suppliers
  • Trip based accounts management
  • Branch wise cash & bank accounts management
  • Account wise revenue & expense tracking
  • E-invoice
  • Complete control of cash management
  • API integrations with third-party applications
  • Payment/Receipt approval system
  • Tax Management (Local Taxes and Withholding Tax)
  • Integration with Standard Global Accounting Systems


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