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ImpexCube is a web-based, ERP tool that is one of the on-demand Customs Clearance Software for Custom House Agents and Customs Brokers in India.



It’s an specialize in the integration of Indian Customs (EDI) Unit and also DGFT System based on specific corporate structure and take regional also national legal requirement into account. We ensure efficient customs operation and compliance with the legal framework. All in one platform for Customs & trade compliance database, graphical user interface (GUI), maintenance and support service in India.

We provide our customer with high Quality, web based, user friendly suite of software product which undergo continuous enhancements and development. we want to establish ” IMPEXCube ” as a global standard for quality in our area of expertise.

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Customs Clearance Software

ImpexCube is a web-based, ERP tool that is one of the on-demand Customs Clearance Software for Custom House Agents and Customs Brokers in India. It facilitates an end-to-end solution for customs Brokers with regards to digitally managing the entire customs clearance procedure, preparing documents and filing to the department, data uploading, and CSV file generation. To comply with the customs Norms IMPEXCUBE always pay attention to the released requirements & adheres to the guidelines of Indian Customs.

ImpexCube enables the flexibility to file documents to any port by the Custom House Agents (CHA) and shippers from any location. The customs clearance software enables the generation of all the required forms, reports, and letters that facilitate transparency into the customs clearance operations. It is full of the features like storing the customs notifications, tariffs, press released, auto calculation of the duty levied, and the checklist for approval before submitting to the department with seamless customs document filing process. This ERP tool for custom Broker specializes in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and integrated with DGFT guidelines on specified organization structure and consider the Local and national legal compliances.

It is all in one Customs Platform which ensures adherence to the legal framework and effective customs operations. Our primary focus is to provide our customers a highly enabled user-friendly web-based software and deliver our continuous efforts to improvise our services and to we are continuously working on the areas of tech-enabled, user-friendly, and seamless functioning of ERP of customs clearance and build a long team relation with our customers abiding the laws and regulation governed by the Indian customs.

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Mobile APP

Its type of application designed to run on a mobile device.

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We tracking the progress of the delivery of a product or service.

Reverse Mechanism

RM is the process of GST Payment by the receiver instead of the supplier.


We provide you with everything you need to connect, reconnect and reach your audience.

Digi Signer

Cloud-based electronic signature solution with a ease of use, and affordability.


We provide both import and export operations to our clients.


We have been initiated to introduce 'e-invoicing' for reporting of B2B invoices.

Eway Bill Integration

Intermediary Interface that allows two separate apps to communicate each other.

CRM Support

If you need any support, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

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