Freight Forwarding Software in India


   VIEWS      By SCMCube   August 7, 2022

Freight Cube is the Best ERP Software for freight forwarders & is highly enable and new generation Freight Forwarding cloud software allows to management and control of Air Freight, Sea Freight, Surface Freight, Warehousing, Multimodal Transport, Customs, & sync it smoothly with CRM, Billing, & Accounting from anywhere, anytime with any device.

As the recent pandemic of COVID 19 has disrupted the traditional freight forwarding industry massively the organizations are realizing how important it is to adapt information technology in the field of freight forwarding to avoid any rush or mess up and manage the entire freight forwarding cycle effectively. Freight Cube provides an all-in on one solution for Logistics & Supply Chain Management through its one-click dashboard and enables a user to be on a single platform form to track Forwarding & Clearance of shipments & Cargos.

Freight Forwarder’s role as a bridge for the transportation and clearance between shippers and transport services, line up a number of carriers to further negotiate and choose an economical, faster, and reliable route for carrying the goods. A freight forwarder acts as an intermediary for a range of services, including real-time tracking of the transportation, leasing the shipping agent and preparation of the documents of shipping and exports, manages to warehouse, freight charges negotiation, transit insurance for cargo, and filing of an insurance claim.

FREIGHTCube Features

Mobile APP

Its process for building mobile applications that run on devices like tablet or smartphones.

Console Manifest

We provides the IDs for the dashboards, associated model, and customized identifier.

Reverse Mechanism

Reaverse Mechanism is the process of GST amount by the receiver instead of the supplier.


Its an Email organization app, to manage multiple mail accounts to reach your audience.

Digi Signer

DigiSigner is an online tool for viewing and digitally signing PDF with a ease of use.


Electronic invoicing system in which all B2B invoices are authenticated electronically.

Eway Bill Integration

Intermediary Interface that allows two separate apps to communicate each other.

CRM Support

If you need any support or queries, Our expert will take care from end to end support.

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