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   VIEWS      By SCMCube   July 23, 2022

IMPEXCube is a web-based ERP tool, our software helps to clearing E-Filling activities in CHA. We are the leading customs clearance software for Custom House Agents and Customs Brokers software in India. We provide an end-to-end logistics software solution for customs brokers with technically managing to the entire customs clearance procedure, preparing documents and filing to the customs department, uploading data, and CSV file generation. IMPEXCube always pays attention to the adheres & requirements of the guidelines of Indian Customs.

Our products IMPEXCube enable the flexibility to documents to any Indian or global port by the Custom House Agents (CHA) and shippers from throughout global. Customs Clearance Software enables the generation of all the reports and required forms, that facilitate transparency into the CHA operations. Our features like storing customs notifications, press released tariffs, a checklist for approval before submitting to the department, and auto calculation of the duty levied. Our software ERP tool for custom clearance and custom broker specializes in Electronic Data Interchange and is integrated with DGFT guidelines and considers the National and Local legal compliances.

Benefit's of IMPEXCube :

  • Customs Online Filing : Anywhere Any Time access and centralize your branches.
  • Document Management System at share point for Internal / External Branches.
  • Check your Duty Calculator and CCR Compliance instantly.
  • Mandatory Document alert for e-sanchit compliance with amendment.
  • Automated for e-sanchit process in jobs.
  • Secure mode of PDF and Flat file with your centralize Digital Signature.
  • Notification Alert for Benefits and FTA (Carotar 2020 rules).
  • Get real-time update compliance with regulations Customs & GST alert.
  • 24/7* Customer support for Customs filing.

One-Stop solution for all custom clearance software and custom broker operations. Our focus is to provide our clients a highly enabled customer-friendly web-based software or application and deliver our services with 24/7 customer support.

Our Products

IMPEXCube Features

CRM Support

  • Lead, Quote Management
  • Sales Tracker
  • Quote to Docket(Job)

Tracking | Update your Job Stage

  • Fund Request
  • LR / OCC Update
  • Approval System

Import / Export Operation & Filing

  • IGM/BL Tracking
  • CCR Compliance
  • Checklist Verification & Approval

Customer / Communication Portal

  • E-Mail Integration
  • Checklist Approval
  • Invoice / Document downloads

Digi Signer

  • PDF Signing
  • Flat File Signing
  • Secure to access from anywhere

A Complete Accounts

  • Invoicing / Bill of Supply
  • GST: GSTR-1 | GSTR-2 | GSTR-3B | Form-26AS
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