Customs Duty Calculator in India


   VIEWS      By SCMCube   September 11, 2022

We at Impexcube have launched free Customs Duty Structure for Imports & Exports, Captcha or Password not required to access our Duty Structure. Get custom duties, taxes, tariffs and excise duty for export and import of your products and their related products, all at one place, with our duty calculator.

How To Use Our Free Duty Calculator :

  • ImpexCube: To verify Customs Duty Structure at Single Page.
  • Use this quick tool to view customs duty & taxes with updated Notification number & Serial numbers.
  • While accessing the Duty Structure you will be required to enter the RITC / Product and Country.
  • Based on the RITC, you can get CCR & Single window details, FTA details like Notification No & serial number with relevenat supporting documents codes.
  • Wide Range of Products and Updated Real-Time Data.
  • Duty calculator will automatically calculate whether duty is payable for that HS code.
  • Duty Rates shown are now fast and easy to find and integrating services into your business system has never been easier.

* Please note, that these are estimates only. The customs authority determines the rate of duty applied to a shipment. For professional advice, please contact Custom Brokers/Consultant.


Duty Structure without CAPTCHA

Use This Free Duty Calculator to Calculate Customs Charge Estimates for Import & Export Duties.

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